Mid of the 90ties, the Aviation-Museum KÖLN-BUTZWEILERHOF had to close its doors, because of tactical games between the Army and the City of Cologne.
Most of the aircrafts and bigger parts of our exhibition went to the Technic-Museum Merseburg and all the rest is stored here in the aerea.
Since that time we are fighting for a new location, and we hope we are successful in the next years.

This situation was not very satisfying, and so members of our museums-society decided in 2001 to found the company HIDDEN WINGS, to follow up the research and aquisition of historical aviation-material.
For special projects we made cooperation-agreements with the aviationmuseums Berlin, Gatow, Merseburg, Eisenberg and others.

In the meanwhile we collected very successfuly many informations, and found a lot of interresting contacts and locations. When we are sure, that nobody can cross our plans ( I am sure, you know the scene also.), we will present these projects in the pages * projects* and * info*.

To finance the whole thing we have to sell parts of what we will get. This hurts of course, but there will be enough for our museum too. ( It is incredible what you can find, if you take the time to listen to the right people at the right places.)

Have fun with our Homepage.